If you are new to the world of Bitcoin, you may be quite shocked to see that there are a surprising number of places in the UK that will accept Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. It is an interesting concept for a cryptocurrency to be used in the “real world,” and Bitcoin is certainly the market leader regarding this, but where exactly can you use your Bitcoin offline?


There is a beautifully rustic cafe in East London called the Saw Mill Cafe, which serves coffee and cakes which can be paid for with satoshis, or if you are looking for a harder tipple, there are a number of pubs where you can use them too. For example, if you’re still in London, the Pembury Tavern in Hackney will accept Bitcoins in exchange for a pint, as will both the Haymakers and The Devonshire Arms in Cambridge. In fact, drinking establishments seem to have been one of the areas that have adopted the form of payment passionately.


Perhaps you’ve had a few too many thanks to the novelty of getting to use your Bitcoins in a pub and maybe you need a ride home. Daniel Hart, from Herefordshire, is one taxi driver who allows punters to pay for journeys via Bitcoin and even boasts Wi-Fi in his car – what more would you need?


Some other great food offerings that will accept Bitcoin include Your Sushi (who have branches from Brighton to Cardiff, Glasgow to Leeds and beyond), The Roasting House and Sheffield’s J. H Mann Fishmongers via We Deliver Local.


For Fairtrade clothing, and percussion instruments there is Natural Flow near Hastings which will allow you to swap Bitcoins for the aforementioned items, and in Brighton at Flawless Clothing, there is custom designed apparel for men and women up for sale too.


If you are a Bitcoin millionaire and you’re feeling pretty flush, you should probably splash out and hire a private jet from Private Fly to somewhere exotic, because after all, you probably deserve it, right?


Keeping with transport, East London Man with a Van do exactly what it says on the tin and will help you move, accepting payment in Bitcoin – ideal for when you’ve made millions in Bitcoin mining and are needing to upgrade your house. We can dream, right?


These are not even to mention the hundreds of retailers online that accept Bitcoin transactions! It may not seem like it at first glance, but a bit of hunting will show that there are a whole load of places you can spend your Bitcoins!