As Bitcoin was born online, it only seems right that it be the best form of currency to be used when gambling online. Not just because of the online synergy, but for several other reasons too.


For example, Bitcoin is famously private, which for anyone who may be worried about the social stigma that surrounds gambling, this is certainly a plus point to Bitcoin, rather than using a more traditional form of currency. This also stands for the security that Bitcoin offers. As long as you take the necessary precautions, such as protecting your private keys and storing your Bitcoin carefully, your money will be safe. This is not always the case for using banks, as there is always the chance of a gambling website being hacked and your information being stolen.


Another great reason to use Bitcoin for gambling is the speed of payments, which, unlike the other forms of payout, is practically instantaneous. There is also the added bonus that is the cheaper fees that come from using Bitcoin. This is a positive for both the website themselves and players who use Bitcoin.


Using Bitcoin on an online gambling site, whether you are wanting to play slots, bet in a Live Casino, or stake a wager on sports games, is pretty easy and not unlike traditional online gambling sites that accept bank transfers etc.


Registering is very quick and easy, as the sites do not need all your details, which protects your privacy even moreso. You should also expect to be able to play any game imaginable via Bitcoin, although they may not all be on the same site of course!


You will also likely be offered similar bonuses and promotions to more traditional methods of online gambling sites which are something to be aware of, and shop around for if needed. This is one of the best ways that online gambling differs from “real world” casinos, as the bonuses’ are practically endless if you know where to look! From free spins to matched deposits, the casinos are vying for your custom and won’t be shy to show it!


Some great Bitcoin sites are Ignition Gaming, Bovada, Betcoin Poker and Oshi just to name a few, but there really are a huge number of sites offering the ability to use Bitcoin in order to (hopefully) win a little extra satoshis!


Aside from the set up and withdrawal method, everything else will be just the same, so get playing, and good luck!